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Advance Stereoscpic Binocular Microscope

Objectives 2x4x or 3x, 5x
Eyepiece 10x, 15x wide field (Paired) total head rotatable 0-360° and also removable from the body, built-in transformer and solid state intensity control system within the base, complete in wooden box.

Accessories For Microscopes
a) Camera Lucida. (prism type) This can fit eye piece tube of any microscope, in velvet-lined case.

b) Camera Lucida. (mirror type) A large mirror with adjustable inclination and its arm is extensible. This can fit eye piece tube of any microscope in a velvet-lined case.

c) Double Demonstration Eye Piece. A useful instrument for every biological laboratory. It is convenient for simultaneous viewing by the student and the instructor. The smooth movement of the pointer is covering the entire field, in velvet lined case.

d) Microscope Lamp. This lamp can be fixed under the stage of microscope in place of reflector. Supplied with filter, bulb, cord and plug. Workable on 230 volts AC/DC.

e) Microscope Lamp
Lamp is fitted on heavy metal base. Lamp is finished in beautiful colour Supplied wit h condenser, adjustable iris diaphragm, bulb and two filters, workable on 220 volts AC/DC.

f) Microscope Lamp. Same as above but with variable light control transformer for high intensity of light. on 220 volts A.C.

g) Microscope optics set, consisting of 2 objectives 10x and 45x and 2 eye pieces 10x and 15x total magnification 675x.

h) Microscopes spare optics.
Objective 45x, 10x, 100x. (Oil immersion).

i) Pointer eye Pieces. 10x or 15x in velvet lined box.

1808. 2 lens bright field condenser N.A. 1.2 with iris diaphragm to fit in any standard Microscope.

Iris diaphragm. For student Microscopes.

1810. Detachable Mechanical Stage.
Extra fine Rack and pinion providing very smooth movement, with scales and vernier reading to .1mm. It can take up preparations upto 35x75 mm. Preparations can be displaced 48 mm. forward and 72mm. sideways. The Scale facilitates exact location of any part of the specimen can be easily mounted on any square stage.

1811. Bulit-in-Mechanical Stage
Graduated mechanical stage controlled by coaxial handle.


Rack & Pinion system for coarse motion. Sensitive focusing system free from back lash. Built in base illumination with halogen lamp 6V 20W continues variable control. Latest co-axial mechanical stage for an extra large viewing area. Replaceable mirror for natural light. Substage abbe condenser on rack & pinion. Superb in finish & workmanship.
Eye Piece : WF-10x (Paired)
Achromatic Objectives : 5x, 10x, 45x or 40x (SL) & 100x(SL) (Oil Imm.)
Microphotography Attachment
Dark Field Attachment
Phase Contrast Equipment
Video Projection & Image Analysis System
Dual Viewing Attachment
Hyg. Eye Pieces 5x or 15x


A unique base is designed for greater stability and beautiful look. Equipped with joint revolving arm for moving the magnifying lense over the stage allowing the whole stage area to be scanned. Focusable by rack and pinion.

Detachable rests on either side of the stage. Supplied with high eye point 10x & 20x eye pieces in a wooden box.


Coarse motion with rack & pinion and fine motion lever type with graduated drums. Monocular body inclinable up to 90°, mechanical tube length 160mm. Triple/Quadruple revolving nose piece with accurate click stops.

Plain stage fixed with detachable mechanical stage having convenient adjustment for slide movement. Safety stopper to prevent slides & objectives. Sub stage abbe condenser focussable with rack and pinion.

Concave & plain mirror in fork. Pressure die cast parts.
Hyg. Eye Pieces : 5x, 10x Ach. Objectives : 10x, 45x & 100x (S.L.)

Metallurgical Microscope


stand : Rigid and stable stand with well contured modular base. Ball bearing guideways and slides provide extra smooth movement.
Viewing Head : Binocular interchangeable with trinocular head for Microphotography and CCTV Projection system, with dioptric and interpupillary adjustment.
Focussing : Coaxial coarse and fine focussing module.
Stage : Large size stage with coaxial low drive for convenient viewing of specimens.
Illumination : Incident light through Epi Illuminator with Field Aperture diaphragm and filter slots. Continuously variable luminosity control through Built in Electronic Transformer.
Objectives : High fidelty DIN size that field objectives M7.5x, M15x, M30x and M60x.
Eye pieces : Compensating Wide field HKW 10x and KW 15x Paired.
Magnification : 75x-900x

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