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Bacterial Filter (0.3 micron)
Eliminates airborne contamination
Single use
Autoclavable (PC)
Catheter Mount

Catheter Mount 22mm Standard female connector compatible with all Breathing and Ventilator circuits. Specially designed port at the elbow. Corrugated tubing manufactured from antistatic EVA. Available with Standard and Collapsible corrugated tubing. E.T.O Sterlized and Pyrogen free.

Endotracheal Tube

Endotracheal Tube made from special non-toxic, clear, thermo sensitive siliconised PVC material. Radio opaque line to assess exact location of tube. All Endotracheal Tube is fitted with 15mm standard connector and pilot balloon with integral one-way valve. Size of Endotracheal Tube clearly marked on the pilot balloon. Smooth tip aids atraumatic intubation. E.T.O Sterlized and Pyrogen free.

Endotracheal Tube (Cuffed)

Manufactured from siliconised noon-toxic, non-irritant P.V.C. kink resistant thermo sensitive tube ensures tube patency for patient safety, yet softens at body temperature to conform to the anatomy of the respiratory tract. Murphy eye has a polished smotthness ensuring atraumatic intubation and extubation. Kink resistant inflation tube ensures patient safety during cuff inflation and deflation. Soft low pressure cuff provides an air tight fit between tube and trachea. X-ray opaque line and markings provided on the tube facilitate the exact location of the tube position. Standard 15mm connector provided at proximal end. E.T.O. Sterilized and Pyrogen free

Guedel Airways

Manufactured from EVA to achieve extra soft surface finish, Integral hard bite block avoids airway occlusion and biting of the tongue, Colour coded for easy identification of sizes, Sterile individual packed. E.T.O Sterlized and Pyrogen free.

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