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Designed for accurate and quick examination of the
a) Refractive index
b) Mean dispersion of liquids, solids and powder
ND Range : ND 1.300 to ND 1.700 in step of 0.001
Accuracy ± 0.0002
Temperature 0 - 100°C
The body of the instrument is fixed having a leaning of 60°, correct refractive index and sugar percentage can be read directly in the field.
It consists of a abbe double prism compensator, telescope mirror limp, graduated, sector, reading, magnifier and a radial arm which carries a vernier. Abbe's double prism leaves a narrow space (about 0.1 mm. ) between the adjoining faces of prisms and compensator consists of the amici prisms which serves for rendering the line of achromatic separation. A thermometer is fitted on the double prism.