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Acid Accumulator

2 volts, 20 A.H. in plastic container.

Acid Accumulator
2 volts, 45 A.H. in plastic container.
Acid Accumulator
2 volts, 75 A.H. in plastic container.
Acid Accumulator
2 volts, GZP -7 multiplate 30 A.H. in polysterene container with handle.

Acid Accumulator
2 volts, GZP-9 multiplate 40 A.H. in polysterene container with handle.  

Acid Accumulator
2 volts, GZP -11 Multiplate 50 A H. in polysterene container with handle.

Acid Battery
6 volts, 7 plates in hard rubber container.

Advanced Research Optical Bench

"RAC" Deluxe Model
a) Specifications:
The bed is a heavy cast channel 180x12 cms app., provided with strengthening ribs which besides seasoning also help avoid development of any warping in use.
The guideways are machined and machine ground into a 'V' and a plain in one operation. A special slanting flat is machined to take the scale, which is divided in mms to a length 170 cms. The verniers fitted to the carriages (sliders) have precision ground edges carefully matched with scale to give fine accurate readings.
Sliders, Four carriages are provided to carry the Standard accessories. The carriages have their under surfaces machined true to fit the bed guideways, and these are then jointly interlapped to give perfectly smooth sliding. Two of the four sliders are having fine slow motion in all the four planes, which makes the adjustment more precise and accurate. The following slow motions are provided in the sliders (carriages)
a) Lateral transverse motion actuated by fine milled micrometer in all the four sliders.
b) Circular motion, a tangent screw is provided to rotate the pillar holding the accessory through 180° . Provided in two sliders only.
c) Height adjustment, by means of a slow motion screw head to raise or lower the accessory provided in all the four sliders.
d) Linier fine motion :-
two sliders are provided with fine (slow) motion by a Knurled Screw head thus providing the most accurate adjustment. All the motions are provided with scales and Verniers (as shown in diag.)

Advanced Research Optical Bench

As 1700 with divided scale graduted (0-100) in place of cross line reticule in cross slit.
For having the stainless steel scale in the above advanced research optical Benches please add.

Advanced Spectrometer

For student 4 Vernier type. Independent telescope and table verniers reading to 30" of arc.
Fixed graduated disc 190 m.m diameter with completely independent table and telescope movements, each fitted with double-ended verniers, to read to 30" or 20" of Arc. Both rotations have fine-adjustment screws and release of a clamping screw enables coarse adjustments to be made by hand. Telescope and collimator are fitted with 178 mm. focal length, 28 mm. dia achromatic objectives and have rack and pinion focusing; telescope fitted with Ramsden eyepiece and crose-line graticule;

Ramsden eyepiece and crose-line graticule;
collimator with adjustable slit, length 6 m.m. mounting of telescope and coilmator permits accurate levelling of axis and squaring to axis of rotation.
The spectrometer table, marked with lines to assist positioning of prism in relation to levelling screws has interchangeable clamping units for prism and diffraction grating.

Air Pump

Air Pump N. P. Single barrel made from steel pipe fitted on wooden base wlo stop cock aluminium plate.
Plate diameter of 12.5 cms., 15 cms., 17.5 cms., 20 cms. or 25 cms.

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