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Ammeter AC

For measurement AC current only with rectifier round without stand.

Ammeter AC DC 0-1.5, 3, 5 or 10 Amps.

Analytical Balance

Sartorius type short beam balance. Beam is 14 cms. long made of aluminium alloy. The rider scale fitted in front of the beam is provided with 100 notches with zero at the centre. Arrestment is vertical raising type on agate knives and planes. Balance base is of synthetic black board and case is made of well seasoned wood nicely polished. Capacity 200 gm. sensitivity 1/10 mgm.

Analytical Weight Box

'A' Grade, nicely polished, velvet lined case, with Synthetic ivory or horn tipped forcep chromium plated. Accuracy 'A' Grade in wooden cabinet spray painted.

a) Available in capacity
1 mgm to 50 gm.
b) 1 mg to 100 gms.

Analytical Weight Boxes

Nicely polished, velvet-lined. with synthetic ivory or horn tipped forceps Chrome plated B' grade.
a) Capacity :- 1 mgm to 50 gms.
b) Capacity :- 1 mgm to 100 gms.

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Analytical Weight Boxes, Analytical Weight Box, Analytical Balance, Ammeter AC DC 0-1.5, 3, 5 or 10 Amps., Ammeter AC,
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