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Astronomical Telescope

Optics-Achromatic 50 mm. dia.
Eye piece-High powered.
Focussing-Smooth rack and pinion.
Construction: The tube holding the objective and eye piece is mounted on a clamp with universal m 0 v e men t having a slow motion arrangement for horizontal & vertical plane.
Stand: A very sturdy three legged Telescopic, Magnification 40 x to 48 x .
Special features: 1. The main telescopic tube is fitted with a dummy sight tube, which facilitates in bringing theobject in focus plane- by viewing through the dummy tube-. This arrangement eliminates the wastage of time in trying to bring the object in focus. The slow motion arrangement makes the objects to be viewed from all angles.

Attachment for Resolving Power of Telecope

comprising an optical slit which can be fitted over the Telescope objective, so as to bring the jaws in close proximity to the lens surface. Stainless steel slit with unilateral jaw movement through a Screw reading displacement Very precise and highly accurate. Without Telescope.

Atwood machine

This machine has brass upright 240 cms long graduated in cms. metal fittings and arrangements for exact adjustment, of vertical and horizontal. No dropping platform. Electric release, weights start falling instantly the circuit is broken. Wheel of aluminium 10 cms diameter is carefully adjusted and balanced on steel bearing. Platforms with sliding weights complete on stand heavy tripod with levelling screws.

AUTOCLAVE Electrical
made of alluminium alloy, with presssure gauge and safety valve
a) Size : 12"x 12". Cap. 25 ltrs.
b) Size : 12"x 15". Cap 32 ltrs.
AUTOCLAVE Electrical
made of Stainless Steel with presssure gauge and safety valve
a) Size : 12"x 12". Cap 25 ltrs.
b) Size : 14"x 14". Cap 40 ltrs.

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